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- Visual Identity Design
  - Logo, Colors, Fonts
  - Typography, Photography

- Brand Positioning
  - Customer Needs Research
  - Competitor Analysis
  - Brand Stroy Telling
  - Brand Voice Building

- Social Media & Website
  - Design & Construction
  - Operation & Management

- Photo & Video Production
  - Product Photography   - Promotional Video   - Motion Graphic Animation   - Short Video - New Media Advertising   - Social Media   - Self-media   - KOL & Influencer   - Website   - Mobile APP

- Print Media Design
  - Banners & Posters   - Brochures & Flyers

- Find Distributors
   - Our Distributor Database   
   - China Int'l Import Expo (CIIE‎) ‎   
   - Popular Exhibition   
   - Online Distribution System

- Build New Retail Channels  
   - E-commerce Platform
   - Brand Online Shop   
   - WeChat Applet & APP  
   - Short Video Platform
   - Pop-Up Store & Fair
- Analyze User Feedback
   - Promotional Strategy  
   - Product Development

- Import Materials Handling
   - Policy Interpretation
   - Product Import License
   - Product Qualification
   - Inspection and Quarantine

- Freight & Clearance Agent
   - International Freight
   - Domestic Customs Clearance
   - Domestic Logistics
   - Warehousing

- IP Protection Services
   - Trademark Registration
   - Copyright Registration
   - Patent Application

Our Projects



Free Marketing Service
Creative Fair & Show
National Sales Network
Cross-border E-commerce Plan
Join us and to be the next dark horse

The project goal is to help some overseas enterprises introduce their quality products to the Chinese market. We have already served some brands at the first CIIE and got a very high rating from them.

We choose the brands with market demand and potential. When brands pass our series of assessments, we will provide a full free service of marketing and operation. Help products quickly find market positioning and distribution channels. Gradually make the products popular in China.

Grasp the new retail opportunities in China

In recent years, creative fairs and fashion shows are very popular in China, especially in first-tier cities. Our fair brand "Fashion Mix" has held many theme fairs in some shopping malls in Shanghai and accumulated a lot of mall resources.

Now we plan to held our own theme fairs and various sales activities in major shopping malls in China In the next few years. Help the brands expand their market and develop their cultural and creative products and derivative products. Make the brands have higher added value, increase customer's stickiness and dependence on the product.

Share resources with our distributors

At present, we have 10,000+ distributors information from all over China. We classify and sort out these companies, and have built a distribution system and database, and will continue to add and optimize these data.

The data will help the brand to quickly find matching distributors, and be helpful to carry out negotiation with interested distributors. In addition, we can regularly put latest products information and advertisements on our network platform, and distributors can choose and make online booking for the products they need.

To be pioneers in this field

Under the construction of the "the Belt and Road" advocated by the Chinese President, more and more quality products from China have exported to the countries along the line, and this is a great opportunity for the cross-border e-commerce.

We plan to...
- cooperate with overseas companies.
- jointly establish cross-border channels.
- look for their local market demands.
- help them to understand the operation concept of e-commerce.
- expand their local e-commerce market.
Who We Are ?

Triumdoor Trading Company is committed to layout the Chinese market for overseas brands and provide one-stop brand agency and operation services.

We have a professional team. The founder once worked in the China Commerce Commission and our core members all have more than 10 years of relevant work experience in brand promotion and marketing. In addition, Our advantage is to have our own design and creative team, network development technicians and product testing and research engineer.
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